Questions and Answers

Can I meet anyone in your app for free?

Sure! For example, you can add your Date to which any girl could respond. Also you can find girlfriends who share your interests in Chats. Or you can just like girls’ profiles and chat with those who like you back.

And what can I get with W Power?

W Power gives you the opportunity to write to literally every girl (no need to wait for a mutual like) and view profiles of girls who liked you and those who caught your attention in Chats. Also with W Power you can see Dates created near you and search girls by identity, appearance and other advanced criteria. ⚡

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription on iOS devices using your Apple ID. You can configure as well as cancel your subscriptions through your account in the browser or from phone settings. Detailed guide on the Apple website.

I haven’t renewed my subscription. Why does money disappear from my account?

According to the App Store Guidelines, all subscriptions renew automatically. That means Apple will take payment every month within the 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period, unless you cancel your subscription. 👆

Will my subscription get canceled, if I delete the app or my profile?

Your subscriptions are linked not to your profile but to your Apple ID. So even after deleting them Apple will withdraw payments for your subscription from your account.

I want my money back…

If you don’t like the functionality you have every right to a refund within 24 hours after you authorize a subscription. Just contact Apple Support through your Apple ID account. 💸

I’ve messaged your support team. When are you going to write me back?

Within 24 hours. But we always try our best to respond even faster.

I was taken for a man, but I’m a girl!

We are trying to protect Wonder from curious men. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. Write us about that and send the email you use to log in — we will figure it out. 🤘

What can I do if moderators have declined my photos?

No offense, please. Every day we fight against fakes and men in our app, so we need to be strict. Try to add no heavily edited photos or pictures where it’s hard to see your face. If you still have problems, write us.

I’ve noticed a man in the app. What should I do?

Tap "Report" in his profile and pick the last reason from the list. We will figure it out soon! 💪

What does ‘Inactive profile’ actually mean?

It means girls rarely visit your profile. Upload a good-quality photo of you, add yourself to Dates and like other girls — your status will change soon.

What is a "crush" and what is it meant to be for?

A crush is a mutual like. It helps to bring hearts together. 💜