Subscription guide

Most of the questions we get from W Girls are about managing subscriptions. All the rules about subscriptions and other paid services for apps are set by Apple/Google. We don't exactly approve of all of these rules, but you can be sure though that your interests and personal data will be protected by this world-renowned gay-friendly company. We wrote a simple guide to help you cut through all the red tape. Its goal is to help you use your subscription without any trouble and avoid unwanted spending. πŸ’œ

Subscription renewal

According to App Store/Google Play guidelines, every subscription, including W Power, renews automatically with no confirmation from you. This means that, by signing up for a subscription, you give your permission to have your card or mobile account charged on a monthly or weekly basis.

Trial subscription

W Power is available for free for seven days after you activate it. If you don’t cancel the subscription during the trial period, Apple/Google will automatically renew it, upgrade it to a paid subscription, and charge your account every month. We recommend never putting off cancelling until the mast minute because the actual payment could be withdrawn a couple of hours in advance. ⏰

How we can help you

All payments you make go to Apple/Google's accounts. We have no access to your account information or subscription settings, so we can't cancel your account or refund your money on our own. Keep in mind that we're always here to help you. If you still have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

How funds get withdrawn

Every month, within 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period, Apple will charge the card or mobile account you entered in your Apple ID/Google Play account for the next month's subscription. You won’t be asked for any specific confirmation. ☝

How to cancel my subscription

For Phone/iPad
Go to Settings β€” [your name] β€” iTunes & App Store β€” View Apple ID β€” Subscriptions β€” W Power β€” Cancel Subscription. You can also cancel your subscription using the Subscription Manager in your browser. To make sure Apple doesn’t charge your account, cancel your subscription in advance.

*Deleting the app or your profile doesn't influence the way your subscription works. It’s necessary to cancel subscription through your Apple ID. πŸ“

For Android
Go to Play Market β€” Menu β€” Subscriptions β€” W Power β€” Cancel subscription β€” Choose the reason β€” Continue β€” Cancel subscription. πŸ“

*Deleting your profile doesn't affect the way your subscription works. You still need to cancel your subscription through your Google Play account. If you delete the app, your subscription will be cancelled automatically.

You can find more information about your subscriptions here:
- official Apple website
- official Google website